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Nature Lover

Eliza Brightwen ‘won her great literary success very late in life,’ when her first book ‘Wild Nature Won by Kindness’ was published in 1890 when Eliza was sixty years old. This was quickly followed by ‘More about Wild Nature published in 1892. Her last book ‘Quiet Hours with Nature’ was published in 1904.

Eliza Elder was born in Banff, Aberdeenshire and orphaned at a young age. She was taken in by her uncle Alexander Elder of the publishing company ‘Smith and Elder.’

In 1855 Eliza married George Brightwen and in 1876 they moved to The Grove at Great Stanmore, Harrow in Middlesex.

Book Lovers Guides is delighted to offer you a copy of Eliza's book decidated to Mrs Felton of Great Stanmore. Eliza Felton and her husband William, a plumber, attended the funeral of Eliza Brightwen in 1906.

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