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Naughty Children Enid Blyton

A Book of Naughty Children Enid Blyton 1947



A Book of Naughty Children by Enid Blyton


About the Book: Flyleaf notes 1947:

“All children like reading about naughty boys and girls – all parents and teachers like tales of this kind also, providing that the bad are justly punished, and the good duly rewarded! It is an excellent and most interesting way of teaching right and wrong. It has the merit of being really entertaining, while presenting to children a clear picture of what they ought to do, or not to do.

The old ‘moral’ tales were justly decried. They were over-emphasised, boring and too easily seen through by the children. These modern ‘moral’ tales are full of fun, really interesting, and the moral is more often implicit than pointed. They are the usual jolly, amusing, interesting tales that Enid Blyton knows how to provide for her worldwide public of boys and girls, and it is certain that both children and parents will ask for a second book of Naughty Children as soon as they have read the first.”

Genre:  Children’s Classic fiction

Book Type: Hardback with dust jacket published by Methuen & Co  Ltd, 36 Essex Street, Strand, London WC2

Edition: Third Edition 1947. The first edition being published August 10th 1944 and has Enid Blyton’s name under the title on the front over. Second Edition was published in June 1946.

Size: 19cm x 13cm

Number of pages:  166 Pages + 1 page of other Enid Blyton titles

Illustrations: Much loved black and white illustrations by Eileen Soper. 16 black and white illustrations and the frontispiece ‘The Goblin put of his hand and caught hold of her by her red ribbons.”

Table of contents. 

30 Stories

  • The Two Rough Children
  • Billy Bitten-Nails
  • Tom Noddy’s Imp
  • I Shan’t
  • The Naughty Little Story Teller
  • The Magic Biscuits
  • A Little Thing that made a Big Thing
  • The Greedy Little Girl
  • The Boy who Changed himself
  • The Silly-Billy
  • Miss Waddle-Toes
  • Boastful Bill
  • A Shock for Lucy Ann!
  • The Little Piggy Boy
  • The Bad Little Doll
  • Simple Simon makes a Mistake
  • The girl who Wanted everything
  • The Boy who grew a tail
  • Disobedient Peter
  • The Silly girl
  • The Magic Hummy-Bugs
  • Daddy’s best Knife
  • Ronnie gets a Shock
  • The Most Surprising Chair
  • The Boy who threw Stones
  • The Bad Little Boy
  • The Tell-Tale Bird
  • He forgot his Ears!
  • He didn’t Think
  • The Boy who put out his Tongue


Biography of Author:

Enid Blyton prolific children’s author. The Book of Naughty Children features 30 tales which were originally published in ‘Sunny Stories’ during 1937-8. The first edition was published during the Second World War on August 10th 1944 and can be identified as such as Enid Blyton’s name appears under the title on the front cover underneath the dust jacket. This quickly sold out and a Second Edition published in June 1946. The Third Edition in 1947, the same year as the next and final  book in the series appeared, “A Second Book of Naughty Children” first published in 1947, this time illustrated by Kathleen M. Gell.  

A first edition of The Book of Naughty Children with a dust jacket is quite rare, only a few copies available for sale on the internet. The second and third editions seem to be even scarer, none found as this is being written. The stories are the same in all three copies.  

Interestingly the flyleaf notes suggest these ‘modern’ tales  are much improved on the ‘old’ ones, and 77 years later many of these would be considered in need of improvement. With any book the written word is of its time and a critical study of this book and the second one would make a great area for discussion or as part of an academic study.

More information about Enid Blyton and her books at



DUST JACKET: Some ‘naughty’ children have been at work here, evident from the orange scribbles across the front cover of the dust jacket!  There are tears and pieces missing  with much wear to the edges. It is not price-clipped but a little ‘imp’ has scribbled in blue biro next to the price! The inside of the dust jacket is yellowing with age. See images.

Covers:  The light blue boards have wear to the extreme edges and some bumping on the spine. Overall a fairly bright and clean boards considering they are aged 74.

Binding: Looser and slight sloping.

Spine: Scuffing and wear along bottom and top edges of spine

Pages.  All pages complete and are age toned, yellowing with few marks, tears or creasing. Foxing to outer page edges. The Front free end paper is missing, it looks like that imp has torn it out!

A good copy of a rarer vintage 74-year-old book. Books, pamphlets and magazines are pre-owned and pre-loved showing some signs of use. Photos are included to help you judge the condition.

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