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Eileen Soper Iluustrations

Rare Children's collectable Illustrated by Eileen Soper


Out of Doors by Elizabeth Lincoln Gould Illustrated by Eileen

Soper – 24 full colour plates

“ Our wonderful summer really began when Mother put us into"

a train for the West and said good-bye to us for three or four months. That does not sound a very good beginning, and we did not think it so at the time. You see, Father had to go to America and Mother was going with him, so we children were to stay with an aunt and uncle of Mother’s. We had never been to Greystones before, or seen Gran and Grandy as we called them…’

Although relatively little known the American author Elizabeth Lincoln Gould was a highly regarded playwright and children’s author publishing the Little Polly Prentiss series in early 1900s. One of her earlier books was The "Little Men" Play: A Two-Act, Forty-five Minute Play was published in 1900. Followed by the Little Polly Prentiss series from 1902 onwards. She was probably best known for her adaptions of Louisa M. Alcott book Little Women into a successful play. Published poems in various English newspapers as well as children’s stories from 1900’s onward including in 1904 published a poem in the Berwickshire News and General Advertiser containing subtle undertones of being ignored as a woman in a man’s world. Fast forward 120 + years and her laminations proved correct as very little is known about her, despite her success.1910 census for America shows she was aged 41 single and lists her profession as an author. She was a boarder along with many other women in Suffolk, Boston Massachusetts. Mother no name born in New York and father no name in New Hampshire. She was also relatively well travelled for a single lady with several journeys on board a steamship. She was writing in the Victorian times when limited professional and career opportunities were available for women. Clearly a very talented writer and perhaps helped by her father who was a publisher and bookseller; she was already connected with the world of books. Her books are highly collectable and can command a high price. Elizabeth Lincoln Gould born in 1869 and died on December 11 1914.

Out of Doors was published in England by Blackie and Son Ltd, as an illustrated book forming one in a series of at least five others: Fun in the Country, Green Willow Farm, Happy Days on the Farm and Farm Holiday. This series was published for children during the second world war era.


Out of Doors has decorative pictorial board covers and fabric title in good condition. No inscriptionsFirst Edition published by Blackie and Son Ltd, 66 Chandos place, London and 17 Stanhope Street, Glasgow, also Bombay and Toronto. There is no date but the series of books are c1940s. Size: 25.5cm x 19.5 cm

144 pages and 24 colour illustrations (Plates)

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