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Reunion by Fred Uhlman  Advanced Uncorrected Proof 1977 Jewish Friendship

Reunion Fred Uhlman - An Advance Uncorrected Proof

SKU: RFU1977

R PhReunion by Fred Uhlman Advanced Uncorrected Proof 1977

About the Book:

Advanced uncorrected proofs are by nature rare. Only a few copies are released before a book is published in larger numbers. Such copies can be given by publishers to booksellers, journalist or reviewers to read to appraise and evaluate and perhaps gauge interest for the first print run. Copies can also be lodged with libraries, as in the UK, any published book should have a copy lodged with the British Library to protect copyright for the author. It should be remembered with respect to the author who goes onto publish the book, that this is not the final version and the ultimate book on the booksellers shelf may have changed somewhat from the proof. One could say in defence and out of respect to the author that these copies are highly prized by collectors, particularly to those who are building a collection of works by one particular author and wish to have the whole set of published and unpublished works in it. If you are a collector of paintings and works by Fred Uhlman then this one may prove to be a unique acquisition for you.

Reunion is the story of a friendship between two young men, a young Jewish boy and a boy from an aristocratic German family. A strong bond sorely challenged by the hatred generated by the rise of the Nazi’s in Germany.

There are no other copies found of this advanced uncorrected proof of Fred Uhlman’s Reunion. As you may see from this copy, the original title suggestion was ‘A Reunion,’ and the ‘A’ has been crossed out. A printed book dedication ‘For Paul and Millicent Bloomfield.’ It is easy to see why the introduction is written by Arthur Koestler, (1905- 1983) a Hungarian born Jew, British author who joined the German Communist Party from 1931. A very interesting man in his own right and more about Arthur Koestler can be found here

Genre: WW2, Male Friendship

Book Type: Paperback with a red card cover

Edition: 1977Published by Collins and Harvill Press, London

Size: 19.5cm x 12cm

Number of pages: 112 Pages and 19 Numbered Chapters.

About the Author

There are many interesting accounts to be read about the life of Fred Uhlman (1901 -1985.) He was a remarkable inspiring and outstanding individual born in Stuttgart in 1901, named Manfred. He rose to become a respected barrister at law in Germany between 1927-1933. He was practising in a period just before the Nazi party came to power in 1933, in the same year he left Germany for Paris and then eventually to Britain in 1936. Ironically, he found himself labelled ‘an enemy alien’ and interned during the war on the Isle of Man. He wrote ‘Captivity’ in 1946. He began painting to support himself. In the Leicestershire City Council Artworks Collection is one of his paintings from 1958 entitled ’Lead Mine.’ If you are interested, a selection of Fred Uhlman’s painting are available to buy at

More about the book...

The book when published had a limited print run of just 700 copies. Autobiographical? Based Uhlman’s early experiences in Germany which frame the context and setting for this remarkable book. Four years after death of Fred Uhlman ‘Reunion’ was made into a film in 1989, directed by Jerry Schatzberg. DVD “L’Ami Retrouve” available from Amazon. Furthermore, this compelling story was inspirational for a stage version by Ronan Wilmot and on 9 November 2010 it premiered at Dublin’s New Theatre.

Rachel Cooke’s article in The Guardian of 11 January 2016 says:“I’d never heard of Fred Uhlman, the German-born writer and artist (1901-1985), or of his novella Reunion, until Nicola Beauman, the publisher of Persephone Books, pressed it into my hands. At the time, I wasn’t in need of any new paperbacks; my toppling to-read pile was in danger of getting its own Channel 4 documentary. But she was so fervent, and the book so slight – the Vintage edition runs to just 78 pages – it would have been rude to refuse it.Appearances, however, are deceptive. Reunion, which was first published in 1971, can indeed be read in about the same time as it takes to drink two martinis. But boy, does it punch above its weight. Set in Stuttgart in 1932, it is an account of the friendship of two teenagers: Hans, the middle-class son of a Jewish doctor, and Konradin, scion of a noted aristocratic family. Both have a passionate interest in history, and against the odds – snobbery is rife in their ultra-competitive school – this brings them together.But their beloved Germany is changing. Sides will have to be taken; loyalties adhered to. Disgust, rejection, fear, exile, stoicism, bravery: these are the things the years ahead will bring, even if their pattern will not be fully revealed for many decades. Uhlman’s story, which takes on the most terrible crime of the 20th century, could easily have wound up a fable, pat and sentimental. Somehow, though, it never comes close to being so, perhaps because he is careful not to lose sight of the bonds from which its beginning is forged. A daring miracle of narrative simplicity, its end comes at you like a torch in a long tunnel. All is black, calamitously beyond words, and yet the eye, swiftly followed by the heart, is drawn to it: at last, a circle of light. Even if history cannot be rewritten, Uhlman tells us, a life may sometimes have more than one act.”

CONDITION: Very Good – a book that has been used or read.

Boards: Red card boards have age related wear with scuffing and some fading across the front at the bottom. There is a corner crease on the front cover top right. Back cover boards have signs of wear and creasing to the extreme outer edges. Some age-related marks. A small tear top of spine on the back.

Binding: The binding is leaning.

Spine: Handwritten title on the spine reading ‘Reunion’. Wear on each end. Red covering missing from top 1cm of spine and a tear at the bottom end. Pages. All pages complete, some minor creasing at extreme page edges of a few pages, but overall bright and clean.

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