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Skipper Morgan

Skipper Morgan 1947 First Edition G Northwood Couch


"When a small dog -  and a dog named Liquorice -All-Sorts at that -  takes to sheep chasing, almost anything can happpen.  And in this llively yarn almost everything does! Derek Bryant, dog-owner, meets red-headed Evan Venn, son of the angry sheep-farmer, and they quarrel and scrap and finally embark on an adventure which offers all the excitement a couple of boys and a dog could wish for,

Then Dai-Morgan, owner-master of the ketch "Heather Belle," decides to investigate matters and things really begin to move. Round the coast from Wales to Cornwall and back, Skipper Morgan spins his yarns and pilots his little craft with its three-no four!-stowaways from one adventure to another.

This is a really fine story, bringing with it a wholesome breath of fresh sea-air -  the sort of book a boy or girl will not put down until the last sentence is finished."


First edition 1947 published by Gramol Publications Ltd, London and Chesham.

22 chapters 160 pages

21.5 cm x 14.5 cm

Navy embossed boards.

Readable condition

Previous owenrs inscription  'To Michael from Auntie Isobel July 1952.'   

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