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Reading Books in Library

Book Lovers Grading Guide

Condition is subjective and to help you make your choices, this is my grading guide for books:

MINT (M): Perfect condition. A book complete with its dust-wrapper, if called for, and is impossible to tell from a new copy. DUST JACKET: as new.

FINE (F): Just off new condition. A book with little sign of use, protected and carefully stored from new. Close examination will show evidence of ownership and storage. There may also be a small inscription to the previous owner but generally the book is in near perfect condition. Just a hint of shelf or storage wear. DUST JACKET: as new may have very slight rubbing on the corners.

VERY GOOD (VG): Slightly less than fine. A bright, clean, and sound book that has been used or read, there may be an inscription of a previous owner. Apart from slight foxing or fading the book will have some signs of shelf wear such as light rubbing, small marks, or creases. There may also be some paper discolouration on older paperbacks and some magazines.  DUST JACKET: clean with excellent colouring but with slight rubbing or slight tearing to most edges and corners. Anything significant will be mentioned separately. 

GOOD (G): A used book much loved and likely to be well read. A book with obvious wear which may include minor damage or cracking to the spine along with rips to a cover or dust wrapper, larger marks, staining or larger creases. The book may also be slightly out of shape.  DUST JACKET: Fairly clean with almost perfect colouring, may have marks, creasing and other signs of wear. Most edges are rubbed or have small tears in them.  

FAIR (F):  A working copy suitable to read or use for reference. A book with damage or heavy wear. Its cover may be badly ripped or stained. There may be missing pages. Spine may be damaged. Pages may be marked with references, underlined or notes on the margins.

POOR (P): A book in this category is in really bad condition and offered for sale because of its rarity or research value only.  A book with significant damage and very heavy wear.  It may be warped; the preliminary pages, and others may be missing and the spine irreparably damaged.

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